What I learned tonight

That these guys who decide to go up in weight (or go down in weight) because of devastating losses always hit a wall. RDA did tonight, which led the commentators to wonder if he’s going back down to 155. He looked demoralized in between rounds. Just like Holloway is going to look when T-City gets ahold of that neck.

Antonina Shevchenko won, but that was a boring fight. I’m still waiting for her to show off some Muay Thai.

Women’s TUF champ was crowned. What are the odds they stay in the featherweight division? Throw that whole division away. There’s Cyborg and Anderson and that’s it. I think GdR and Holly are better at 135.

Will Usman get a title shot? Dana was like, maybe. He was impressed after that domination of RDA. I think Ponzinibbio gets the next shot, or they make Usman v Ponz first. RDA might go back to 155 or get Perry at 170. That’s a fight he can win.

Caraway got TKO’d by a phantom liver kick.  How is he still in the UFC?