Moving on up

There’s no weekly outrage simmering in UFC world right now. Well, unless you mean the ongoing saga of Megan Anderson and Kevin Lee.  Megan is formerly the Invicta featherweight champ who is having a rough go in the UFC. Kevin is a former lightweight having a rough go of his own. Megan’s issues are more straightforward: Try to use her length and reach more effectively and please spend some time on the mats. She was champ in Invicta, so she knows how to fight. She just has to level up.

Oh Kevin. I like Kevin Lee. I’m a fan. The way he acts annoys people, but it doesn’t bother me. The way he responds to losses breaks my heart a little bit. He takes it very seriously, very personally, and I don’t know if that’s the right way to think about losing. If he were my little brother, I’d tell him to use these losses as motivation. Heal up, get back to training, and don’t be so hard so yourself. Also, you lost to RDA, not some scrub, and he was a lot stronger than you tonight, bro.

But he’s not my little brother and here’s the deal: He’s having a hard time making 155 and always talking about a 165lb weight class. As that is not happening, he decided to move up to 170 and promptly ran into RDA. There were obvious problems, and examples are right in front of your face regarding these types of matchups. Remember RDA and Colby? Colby had been fighting at WW for some time and he was able to control Rafa with ease. Or Dustin and Max? It doesn’t always work.

Sometimes it does work. DC beat Stipe, right? Why/how did that happen? DC is a natural heavyweight and has a skill advantage over Stipe. And maybe just a little, Stipe underestimated the threat.

GSP went up and beat Bisping. He gained so much weight he messed up his gut, but he also had a skill advantage. Bisping was a weak champion and GSP called him out to exploit that weakness.

Amanda beat Cyborg. Cyborg did a lot of trash talk about Amanda needing time to prepare. If you call out Cyborg you better be ready! Well, she took the time to gain weight and get ready and got the KO in the first round. Amanda is younger, faster, and had no fear. Cyborg was champ for quite a long time, and everyone hits the wall at some point. And maybe just a little, she underestimated the threat.

Lee has a lot to think about moving forward. He should stay at welterweight if he believes his wrestling is strong enough to compete with Usman, Colby and Woodley. He’s young. Hopefully Dana gives him time to develop. At lightweight.

Fans should remember that UFC is a fighting and entertainment company. If they don’t see any value add in Kevin Lee, welp …