263 Debrief

I really thought there would be something interesting to write about after UFC 263, but there wasn’t.

The excitement comes from the unexpected. Not watching an Amanda or Valentina KO in yet another mismatch.

Who cares if Izzy beats Vittori? I’m sure he and his family/team are thrilled, but it doesn’t excite me as a fight fan.

Let’s take a look at my picks before the main card started – all picked for the excitement factor: Paul Craig, Demian Maia, Nate Diaz and Marvin Vittori.

Of course Paul Craig was going to win his fight. He came through with that nasty ground game and dislocated his opponent’s arm while the referee was just watching the action.

Demian Maia lost, but he is at that advanced age as well as at the end of his UFC contract. I don’t rate Belal as that great of a fighter, but give him credit, he was able to defend against the takedowns and get off a bit of offense. Is this Demian’s last fight? Dana White says yes.

Nate Diaz won that fight. He lost the battle but the war was won years ago. It was a great fight. Leon sliced Nate up for 4 whole rounds – then he got lazy in the 5th. That Leon was doing the stanky leg at the end told us something: Nate wasn’t in there to take away Leon’s 3, he was there to test himself against the best. And I think Dana wanted to give Leon a bit of shine, as he’s been very unlucky lately.

I hope he gets his title shot before he goes out like Tony.

Adesanya beats Vittori in what was probably the worse fight on the card. Belal followed the blueprint to beating Maia, while Vittori was unable to implement the wrestling heavy game plan to beat Izzy. It turned out to be another mismatch.

Fights to make –

Adesanya vs Whittaker

Brandon Moreno vs Fig 3 (or does Joey B or Triple C slide in here?)

Usman vs Edwards (please!)