Emotional weekend of sports

Being a fan is an emotional experience. We really go through it all while watching our favorites. And yes, sometimes, we get pleasure in watching heels lose in dramatic fashion.

Let’s start with the dramatics. The main card of UFC 264 featured 2 heels and a nice guy, who just might be a bit too nice.

I won’t mention anything about Sean O’Malley or Yana Kunitskaya. Wake me up when they book Yana vs Amanda or O’Malley vs The Funkmaster.

Stephen Thompson losing to Gilbert Burns should be the end of Mr. Thompson’s title shot hopes for now. Strange things happen in MMA though – a short notice step in might change his life. So Wonderboy, stay ready. For now, however, he’s 38 and much too nice for this game.

Tai Tuivasa vs Greg Hardy was what we paid our money to see! The heavyweights really know how to shut the lights off and that’s exactly what Mr. Tuivasa did. He did what needed to be done and left Mr. Hardy sleeping in the Octagon. Then he climbed on top of the cage wall and did a shooey! Good times.

The main event featuring Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier was such a disappointing fight – I am still feeling somewhat sad about the outcome.

I admit, I am not a big fan of either guy, but I tune in to McG fights for the spectacle. Everyone turns out for his fights and this one was no exception. The UFC hype machine was working overtime on this one and it showed. But after one round, it was over. The fight was stopped due to a doctor stoppage, as Mr. McGregor suffered a broken leg.

Then — Conor pretty much had a meltdown, Poirier’s wife was throwing up the birds, there were death threats, somebody slidin’ in the DMs, etc.

A mess.

I’m going to be honest: The promise of a $500,000 donation put the rematch under a cloud. It should have never happened. You want to donate to a charity, fine. Do it later. Talk about it later. Don’t promote a fight based on a charitable donation to your opponent’s foundation.

And let’s just leave it at that.

Saturday night left me in a state of embarrassment for Conor. Sitting on the floor of the cage, shouting, “We don’t give a bollocks!” isn’t a good look.

Sunday took the biscuit.

There I was minding my business, watching the European Championship finals and the match went into extra time. Nobody scored so on to the shootout.

You all know by now what happened: England missed the last 3 penalty kicks and it was all over. There were tears.

Everyone’s blaming someone for the debacle, but for me it’s a few things:

  1. The Premier League has the best talent in the world. You gotta make those shots.
  2. Poor Saka. Yes, he’s young, but he’s made it to the big leagues now. He was shook, for sure, but you gotta make those shots.
  3. Rashford & Sancho – SMH. Do I have to say it again? You gotta make those shots.

I’m not from England, but I am a big fan of the League. The Three Lions had a great tournament, but sadly, this was a choke.