First day of the season

Today was the first day of the new Premier League season. First match up was Arsenal vs Brentford and the Arsenal lost 2-0. It was sad. Also, my take on the McG drama.


And another one:

I kinda agree with the Arteta Out crowd.

Ongoing: Conor McGregor is currently recovering from a broken leg, but still getting all the press.

He is getting roasted for all his remarks/tweets about Daniel Cormier and his alleged drunkenness and overweight issues. All I can do is shake my head. I believe Mr. Cormier has reached untouchable status because once again, the MMA Twitter community is stepping up to defend him. The last time the community rallied for Cormier was during his battles with Jon Jones.

I think the rallying around Cormier is not because he’s so beloved, but due to the villain storyline around Conor and Jones. Honestly, I’m hoping for Conor to make a complete recovery and schedule a trilogy fight with Nate – and retire.

You’ll miss him when he’s gone.